Improving antibiotic therapy and reducing antimicrobial resistance


In half a century of antibiotics use, new challenges have surfaced: the fast emergence of resistances among pathogens and the overuse of antibiotics. Antimicrobial resistance results in escalating healthcare costs, increased morbidity and mortality and the (re-)emergence of potentially untreatable pathogens. For infectious diseases DebugIT

  • detects patient safety related patterns and trends
  • acquires knowledge, and
  • invests this knowledge to upgrade quality healthcare.

The DebugIT project uses clinical and operational information from Clinical Information Systems (CIS) across the European Union through the view of a virtualized, fully integrated Clinical Data Repository.

The DebugIT cycle of data-analysis and knowledge generation is depicted in the figure below:

For detailed information on the project, please consult the flyer or click on "About DebugIT".

DebugIT Flyer [PDF, 350 KB]